sem break

we had our freedom after killed 5 papers! heee
tough papers but we had tried our best
hoping that we'll get good result n pointer
btw, Happy Holiday! 
goodbye Semester 3 =)

Traditional Games Competition

Last friday (27th April 2012), our class had participated in Traditional Games Competition that had been organized by PISMP Bahasa Melayu 2010. each class needs to send 10 representative for this competition. So, Intan, Nazrin, Hafiz, Matthew, Jessicca, Thecla, Caroline, Miko and Evon had been chosen to join this competition.

these competition was divided into a few station games which are boling kelapa, ketingting, galah panjang, tating bulu ayam & terompah tempurung kelapa. 

in the end, we won the third place!! ^^

zone 1

thecla is playing tating bulu ayam

representatives from our class

time to eat our hampers...hehe