P & P in Class (29 September 2010, Wednesday)

Teslians were divided into four groups and each groups were required to compose a poem. I will post one poem first.


When you were always defeated,
Where the children and the women weep,
The dead bury the dead,
There’s no justice and equality.

You cried and cried
Like a caged bird who sings for freedom
None of them hears,
And the day seems to never come.

Is there any justice? No!
Is there any equality? No!
Is there any sympathy? No!
You did not deserve it instead of mistreat.
It keeps repeating days by days.
And your hope was being smashed and shuttered.

Others said mockingbird has no sin at all.
But why the sinless bird being killed?
Don’t believe and don’t trust.
They are hypocrite.

it made me sad
yet delete the adjectives
and I’d have the facts
It’s a sin to kill a mockingbird

Ainura Filzah
Regina Resa
Sharon Wong