Literasi Bahasa Exhibition (Part 2)

Activity: Literasi Bahasa Exhitibition (2nd day)
date: 14 October 2011

we have been visited by students from Sk St John Tuaran. the students were enjoying our BBMs..besides that, today is the day where Timbalan Pengarah of IP Kent officiated this exhibition.

Thecla & Evon explained to the students

they were excited to play this game

trying all the games at the booths
Teslians with Timbalan Pengarah & students of St John school


Literasi Bahasa Exhibition (Part 1)

Activity: Literasi Bahasa Exhibitions
Date: 13 October 2011

assalammualaikum & good evening..
today we had our exhibitions for Literasi Bahasa subject. The objective for this exhibition is to display our Bahan Bantu Mengajar (BBM). we had been used our 15 weeks to finish up our BBMs. Those BBMs had been assessed by our lecturer, Encik Ismail Awang Piut. There were Six booths had been opened from each class which are BM, KS, PJ, PAI, SC and TESL. 

Teslians' BBM..we are creative right?? hehe

Welcome to our booth ^^

we had been assesed by Encil Ismail Awang Piut

Jcca demonstrated how to play this game

Evon explained how the BBM works
We are the Teslians =)


BM's Booth

people visit our booths

they were excited to play  this game
To be continued tomorrow, our exhibition

Tennis Tournament

Activity: Tennis Tournament between Lecturers
Date: 4th October 2011
Time: 7.30am - 9.30am
Players: Encik Mansur vs Encik Rozaimie

we had organized tennis tournament. This is part of our Gerko's assignments. the competition is between two of our lecturers who are Encik Rozaimie & Encik Mansur. 

before the tournament

cleaning the court

Line judges in action

line judges in action
Encik Mansur

Encik Rozaimie

Score board..Mr Rozaimie led the game