JPP's Representative Speech Day (10 January 2011)

Introducing two of our gorgeous looking Teslians who were chosen by our class for the institute's student council (JPP)
Name: Miss Jessicca Tokiroi or Jess
Ethnicity: A natural beauty from the Dusuns
Hometown: Someplace where you can get itchiness...Guess???

Name: Miss Ainura Filzah Jakariah
Ethnicity: An innocent looking Malay beauty
Hometown: Penamapang? Johor? Putatan??? Its keep changing...Confusing???

As for both statuses: Their hearts are already taken by someone else... Sorry for any guys out there...

Jessicca and Ainura went up to the stage and gave their speech to hundreds of people. 

Jessicca's turn to give her speech.

Ainura's turn to give her speech
**Congrats to Ainura and Jessicca for being chosen as members of the Student Council... Ainura is in the education and academic committee while Jessicca is in the sport and recreation committe**

Tutorial + New Year and New Sem Mini Party

Yep, tutorial on every Friday, but this tutorial came with a mini party. Before we go to the mini party, the tutorial for this week, out tutor Madam Shuba discussed the activities we are going to have in this semester. For the activities, please refer to the upcoming events.              
One of our tutor, Madam Shuba.
After that, we had our mini new year party after the arrival of all the lecturers and our KJ (Ketua Jabatan).
our KJ, Miss Lee Sow Ying
Before the mini party start, Miss Lee give her speech and again the overview of our activities. Then, the mini party begins with a cake cutting ceremony. 

The cake was sponsored by our tutor, Madam Shuba.
Teslians enjoying their cheesecake....       



welcome to PISMP

hey guys..
now we are entering out degree course..
no more PPISMP JULY 2009..
now we re PISMP JANUARY 2011..
pray for us okay!! ^^