Choral Speaking

(7th of April 2011)
Last semester during the , we went to watch district level primary school's choral speaking competition in SMK Tenghilan. We went to observed the competition because Miss Lee wanted us to be exposed to different kinds of English activities. We went there accompanied by Miss Lee and Madam Shuba.
before departure

SMK Tengilan

The hall for the competition

Miss Lee and Madam Shuba chatting with a teacher from SK Pekan, Tuaran

Regina busy preparing MC text for the competition. She was elected to become MC for the event so suddenly, just minutes before the competition. Good job, Regina... You did quite well...

students perform choral speaking

last but not least, our group photo...TESLians

Welcoming post or Bye-byes

I know this is a bit late for welcoming.... But before that I had a GOOD news and a BAD news since this semester started.

Which one would you like to hear first? GOOD or BAD.... I think I will just start with the GOOD news.

*drum rolling*
Welcome the ONE guy and many girls...
OK, ENOUGH.... The BAD news
We are stripped off of our "special" and "only one" titles. Before this, we were the only TESL class in Kent but now we have junior. We are not special and only one anymore.


PISMP TESL JAN 2011 will miss you always...

Class Decorating

(26th June 2011)
Once again, Kent's Teslian came together and decorated the classroom. 
Changes had been made especially with the tables. 
credits to Wawa as our Head Decoration Comittee
Intan cut the cloth for the tables while Wawa assisted her.

Miss Intan ironing the cloth to make it free of wrinkles.

Miko, Evon and Ainura measuring the length of  the skirting for the table to be cut.
Miko and Evon shaping the skirting for all the tables.
Trying to stick the double tape onto the words that will be going to be pasted on the wall

Ainura and Nazrin decorating the white board.
caroline is trying to cut the polistrin
proud with our class PISM TESL 2011