Lunch at Kenny Roger's Roaster

A few days after our final exam, we went for a lunch at KRR on the 13th of November. We already planned this trip a long while ago. At first, we thought of having a gala night, but we change it to a trip to KK instead. Photos from the restaurant:

 Group photos
Looking at the menu

The only boy in the group

Posing for a picture...
 Tasty chocolate muffins...

Delicious quarter meal from KRR...

Volleyball Tournament

(22-23 October 2010)

On the 22nd and 23rd or October, Teslians organized a Volleyball Tournament for students of IP Kent..actually this is our coursework for Gerko's subject..

Volleyball Tournament on the second day. 

Competition in the process

The score board...

Third Poem for TKAM

POEM for To Kill A Mockingbird

The sun shines brightly in the horizon..
Giving warmth, opportunity and future to all..
Alas, it has yet manage to reach into your soul....
to warm that fragile, tormented heart..
who has been longing... yearning... craving....
forlove.. for respect.. and freedom.. .

Only God can hear your daily cries..
And give you the utmost freedom..
Sometime you thought its better
to return to His side..
and eternally rest in peace..

However.. here.. right now..
you have something
you still want to achieve..
you chose to continue singing...
and crept the rest of your dreadfull fate..
in this short, mortal world..

And till this day..
you are still singing..
until the day finally came..
where you can heartfully smile..
For the first time in your life...

Nazrin Shah
Matthew Wong
Caroline Tham

Another Poem for TKAM

To Kill a Mockingbird

By Charlene, Jess, Faeeza and Thecla


Three friends playing around Maycomb,

They sit. They wait. They wonder,

When will the monster come out?


A bad place for her,

When she thought she can learn,

She ended up fighting.


That’s what they called,

Poor him, a mockingbird,

Who will be in trouble.

Again, again and again,

A fragile girl told a lie, a white lie,

To protect herself

And cover her with veils of innocence.

The mockingbird dies,

The grudge never dies,

But, the grudge kills himself,

And everyone kept silent.

At last,

The monster came out.

It wasn’t a monster.

A hero we call him.

“You never really know a man until you step in shoes and walk around in them.”

September, 29 2010.

Taken from a Teslian blog

P & P in Class (29 September 2010, Wednesday)

Teslians were divided into four groups and each groups were required to compose a poem. I will post one poem first.


When you were always defeated,
Where the children and the women weep,
The dead bury the dead,
There’s no justice and equality.

You cried and cried
Like a caged bird who sings for freedom
None of them hears,
And the day seems to never come.

Is there any justice? No!
Is there any equality? No!
Is there any sympathy? No!
You did not deserve it instead of mistreat.
It keeps repeating days by days.
And your hope was being smashed and shuttered.

Others said mockingbird has no sin at all.
But why the sinless bird being killed?
Don’t believe and don’t trust.
They are hypocrite.

it made me sad
yet delete the adjectives
and I’d have the facts
It’s a sin to kill a mockingbird

Ainura Filzah
Regina Resa
Sharon Wong

Semester 2 Activity: Field Trip to Sabah Wet Land (16 April 2010)

On the 16th of April 2010, teslians had a trip to Sabah Wet Land located at Tanjung Lipat, Sabah. 14 Teslians participated in the event and there were other 3 members of the class who could not attend as they had a Leadership Camp at Pusat Kokurikulum Malanggang. The lecturer-in-charge of this event was Madam Tan Mee Chin, who is our Social Studies lecturer. The objectives of this field trip was to raise the awareness of the students the importance of mangrove swamps and also to learn to apreciate the environment. At the wet land, teslians planted mangrove tree seedling and wadded in the swampy area. Each Teslians received a certificate for their volunteer work.
The picture on the left: Mangrove tree seedlings
The picture on the right: Mr. Zero posed happily for a photo. FYI, he is a Japanese who speak Bahasa Melayu quite well.

In the two pictures: Teslians work together to plant the mangrove tree seedlings while Mr. Zero looked on.
Second picture: Our lecturer Madam Tan with her photo taken with Teslian.

After a morning of hard work, Madam Tan treated Teslians to some ice creams. They stopped by at McDonald at a Shell Station for lunch and the ice cream.

Semester 2 Activity: Rugby Competition and Teacher's Day Party (15 May 2010)

In semester 2, we were given touch rugby for our GERKO. At the near end of our semester 2, we were required to organize a rugby competition just for class.

A week before the competition, we were requested by our GERKO lecturer, Mr. Vicky to prepare a rugby field for our competition. We drew the rugby field by ourselves with just a drawing from our lecturer to guide us.

15 May 2010 (Saturday)
The following week, we had our real touch rugby competition and we were evaluated. For this competition, we were divided into four group. There were the green, the blue, the yellow and the red group competing against each other using the league system.

Competition in progress

This touch rugby competition was evaluated by two other lecturers from the Physical Education Department as our lecturer was busy with B.I.G.

After a long and exhausting competition, the team with the most accumulated points won which was the green team, followed by the blue team who tie with the red team, and followed again by the yellow team.

In the afternoon after our rugby competition, we had a Teacher's Day party in our class.

Although only two lecturers, Mdm Hamidah, one of our tutor and the one in the picture; and Puan Sabariah came for the party, we still had fun. We had nice food for our grumbling stomach and a good session of karaoke. Puan Sabariah even sang a song for us. After that, we had the "Truth or Dare" game which we really enjoyed very much.

Semester 2 Activity: Macbeth Dramatization (20 May 2010)

In semester 2, we are required to produce a play based on Shakespeare's play, Macbeth. We were required to do the dramatization in order to fulfill the requirement of our English Studies' coursework.

We practice every day except weekends for three weeks staright for nearly a month. At first, we pratice our play in the class but as things progress we had to change the venue to Hone Hall. The hall was bigger and it was the venue for our dramtization. Most importantly, we can get used being on stage.

On the day of the dramatization, we went to Hone Hall early to make preparation for our play. Alicia and Sharon, who were in charge of makeup, arrived early to make up all Teslians.

Thanks to Alicia, Sharon and Evon for their hard work in making the Teslians look wonderful.

Thanks to all the Teslians, who did all their tasks given well and done well in their acting.

And, Teslians would also like to thank our evaluator, Madam Shuba for coming to our play which was held at night and thanks for taking your time to evaluate us.

Mini English Carnival

 (27 April 2010)
It posed a challenge to us when someone suggested us to organise a mini english carnival as one of the activities for our English Language Society (ELS). After much discussing and postponments, our class and English Language Society's advisors(Madam Aidah, Miss Lee Sow Ying & Madam Shuba) finally agreed on the date, 27th of April. Weeks before the big event, we started to prepare our material for the language games cum treasure hunt, story telling, talent time, puppet show and puppet making. We also sent out invition to one school, inviting 20 students to come to join our Mini English Carnival.

A week before the event, we make a banner to promote the event.
The logo on the left is our English Language Society logo.

On the day before the event, we put up our banner near the entrance of our school gate. There were also preparations of our activities for the next day at Dewan Hone

UMS Library Trip

(21 April 2010)
Seventeen teslians escorted by our Language Development's lecturer, Miss Lee Sow Ying went to UMS Library for an educational trip. The trip was a really eye-opening experience. UMS Library is huge and there are many resources available for students. We went there for an educational tour cum doing research for our Language Development's coursework. Here are some photos from our trip.
1) On the bus to UMS Library

2) UMS Library

3) In a conference room for some introduction on UMS Library

4) A gift from us for the representative from UMS

5) A tour around UMS Library

6) Journals Section

7) A cubical for studying

8) Showing us around and telling us what resources they have. That is not a computer but a machine to view old newspaper articles. Forgotten the name of the machine.

9) At the MegaLab

10) The MegaLab provides high-speed internet for free for five hours.

11) Students at UMS can return books at machine provided unlike the traditional method where we need to go to the librarian to scan the books.

12) Express OPAC is where one can search for the book's call number, so one can find the book they want easier.

13) Representative from UMS teaching us how to use the Epress OPAC

14) UMS Library entrance(Ground Floor)

15) Inside the library. See how far the library stretch and that is still not the end of it.

16) UMS lovely librarians.

17) UMS representation showing us how to find a book using the call number.

18) We are on our own looking for the books we want for our research
After the tour, we had the rest of the afternoon walking around the library looking for books and running around to find the photocopy shop which is at a very secluded place.

A Blog In Making

A blog for IPG Kent Teslians July 2009 is not a bad idea. I created this blog in hoping that I can record down our moments together, what we are doing and to share it to everyone out there. The idea to actually create a blog is not a new one. I had this idea a long time ago but nothing had happened until now. It was the lack of motivation which leaded me to part with the idea. Now, I am back with this idea and more motivate to make this blog a dream come true. This motivation is credited to Keningau's Teslian. Their blog evokes my desire to blog about my own Tesl group in Kent.

Here, I present all the Teslians in Kent our own blog. Hope you all like it.



Our Head of Department Farewell Par

Event: Daddy's Farewell Party
Date: (22 August 2010)

This is our ex-head of Language Department, who retired during the August. On the 22th of August 2010, three classes (PPISMP Tesl'09, PPISMP PC 2010 intake, KPLI-PC 2010 intake) under Language Department organized a farewell party for him.

Pictures of that particular day:

From the left to right: Our beloved Daddy and ex-kj, Mrs. Haji Rahman; Miss Lee, our current Head of Department and our Language Development's lecturer; and Mr. Yu Chee Han, the PC groups lecturers.
From left to right:
1) We had a group photo.
2) Daddy with his two birthday cakes.
3)Juniors from PPISMP PC singing song.                   
4) Matthew from our class being kiss by two boys from PPISMP PC group. Actually, it was the two boys who were punished to kiss one person because they lost a game.
5) PC group hugging Daddy.
6) Mr. Yu singing with the PC students.
Hugging session before the farewell party ended.