hye hye hye

assalammualaikum & helloo
what a busy semester..
we are stuck in the lots of assignments
but thanks god
we had hand in almost all the assignments

btw, we also started to plan for our next trip
where? it's singapore!
it supposed to be New Zealand
however, we do not have enough money to go there
can't wait for it!

btw, our final is just around the corner
wish us luck

update later..

PSV Exhibition

assalammualaikum & hello.. today is 19th april 2012
we had our PSV Exhibition in Koridor Kegemilangan IP Kent
this is our project for our minor subject which is Pendidikan Seni Visual (psv)
we need to exhibit our 3d models of PSV class..
each person needs to build 3d models of PSV class
well, everyone had done their best and had shown their creativity
we are so proud with our models as we never imagined we can build this model
it was hard and need patience to build this model
we hope Puan Suzana & Cik Hafizah can give us good marks for this project

welcoming banner to the exihibition

we are arranging our 3d models

our 3d models
regina with her model

kristie's model

Dinner @ Salut Seafood Restaurant

assalammualaikum & hello
today, our Song & Poetry's lecturer, Madam Tan Mee Chin
had kindly spent us for a dinner in Salut Seafood Restaurant
thank you very much madam!


 thank you very much madam tan mee chin 
for spending us the food
and congratulations because now you are one of the
Pensyarah Cemerlang in Ipkent =)