entering Degree Semester 2

degree semester 2 is welcoming us now..welcome back boys and girls after the semester break..now we need to focus back to our study..new chapter and new subjects!! hahaha..but same lecturers..hihi...wish us luck ^^

this semester subject:
phonology (major)
methodology (major)
children's art (major)
learning & learner (edu)
Bahasa Melayu Komunikatif 2
Gerko: Tennis
Literasi Bahasa

Community Outreach Program (SK Pekan)

Activity: Puppet Show
Date:  9th March 2011
Place: SK Pekan
Setting up the stage
Students waiting for the puppet show to start. Behind were Madam Shuba and Miss Lee
Ice Breaking Session
Puppet show starts
Introducing the puppet one by one
Having fun with students
Wiggy Piggy: Hello!!!
Giving out sweets to the lovely students

Community Outreach Program (SK Bolong)

Activity: Puppet Show
Time: Morning
Date:  2 March 2011
Place: SK Bolong
One of SK Bolong's infrastructure

Cute students giving us "peace"

Preparation for the puppet show
The anticipating students
Nazrin introducing the puppets
Students looked on
Madam Shuba who accompanied and drove us to the school. Thank you very much.
Handing out sweet to the students after the puppet show

Community Outreach Programme

 Community Outreach Program. This idea originated from Miss Lee, who is also currently our Head of Department. This program aims to expose Kent's Teslians to school experiences ( fun activities, teachers, students). For our 1st semester degree students, we were asked to performed a puppet show to little children. Our class of 17 students were divided into 3 groups which were assigned to three different primary school each. The targeted schools were SK Pekan, SK Bolong, and SK ???. Only two teams were able to perform the puppet shows in SK Bolong followed by SK Pekan.

Our script writing committee were able to find  a suitable script for us to perform our puppet show. It is a fable called "The Sky is Falling". Sounds familiar??? Remember the small, cute, nerdy and four-eyed Chicken Little? The movie "Chicken Little" was actually based on this fable.

As making a puppet to suit the script was difficult, we opted to maximize the available puppets we had. We adapted the characters in the script according to the puppets we had.Meet the six cute characters from our puppet show.
From left to right: Dumm Dumm, Momo Elmo aka Chicken Little, Mr. M, Mini Minny,-, Shaky Snaky

Then, the puppet stage preparation. Many ideas were churned out. In the end, we managed to borrowed some equipment from our lecturers.
Our mini stage for puppet show.

Photos below were the preparation for the puppet show