Volleyball Tournament

(22-23 October 2010)

On the 22nd and 23rd or October, Teslians organized a Volleyball Tournament for students of IP Kent..actually this is our coursework for Gerko's subject..

Volleyball Tournament on the second day. 

Competition in the process

The score board...

Third Poem for TKAM

POEM for To Kill A Mockingbird

The sun shines brightly in the horizon..
Giving warmth, opportunity and future to all..
Alas, it has yet manage to reach into your soul....
to warm that fragile, tormented heart..
who has been longing... yearning... craving....
forlove.. for respect.. and freedom.. .

Only God can hear your daily cries..
And give you the utmost freedom..
Sometime you thought its better
to return to His side..
and eternally rest in peace..

However.. here.. right now..
you have something
you still want to achieve..
you chose to continue singing...
and crept the rest of your dreadfull fate..
in this short, mortal world..

And till this day..
you are still singing..
until the day finally came..
where you can heartfully smile..
For the first time in your life...

Nazrin Shah
Matthew Wong
Caroline Tham

Another Poem for TKAM

To Kill a Mockingbird

By Charlene, Jess, Faeeza and Thecla


Three friends playing around Maycomb,

They sit. They wait. They wonder,

When will the monster come out?


A bad place for her,

When she thought she can learn,

She ended up fighting.


That’s what they called,

Poor him, a mockingbird,

Who will be in trouble.

Again, again and again,

A fragile girl told a lie, a white lie,

To protect herself

And cover her with veils of innocence.

The mockingbird dies,

The grudge never dies,

But, the grudge kills himself,

And everyone kept silent.

At last,

The monster came out.

It wasn’t a monster.

A hero we call him.

“You never really know a man until you step in shoes and walk around in them.”

September, 29 2010.

Taken from a Teslian blog