Semester 2 Activity: Field Trip to Sabah Wet Land (16 April 2010)

On the 16th of April 2010, teslians had a trip to Sabah Wet Land located at Tanjung Lipat, Sabah. 14 Teslians participated in the event and there were other 3 members of the class who could not attend as they had a Leadership Camp at Pusat Kokurikulum Malanggang. The lecturer-in-charge of this event was Madam Tan Mee Chin, who is our Social Studies lecturer. The objectives of this field trip was to raise the awareness of the students the importance of mangrove swamps and also to learn to apreciate the environment. At the wet land, teslians planted mangrove tree seedling and wadded in the swampy area. Each Teslians received a certificate for their volunteer work.
The picture on the left: Mangrove tree seedlings
The picture on the right: Mr. Zero posed happily for a photo. FYI, he is a Japanese who speak Bahasa Melayu quite well.

In the two pictures: Teslians work together to plant the mangrove tree seedlings while Mr. Zero looked on.
Second picture: Our lecturer Madam Tan with her photo taken with Teslian.

After a morning of hard work, Madam Tan treated Teslians to some ice creams. They stopped by at McDonald at a Shell Station for lunch and the ice cream.

Semester 2 Activity: Rugby Competition and Teacher's Day Party (15 May 2010)

In semester 2, we were given touch rugby for our GERKO. At the near end of our semester 2, we were required to organize a rugby competition just for class.

A week before the competition, we were requested by our GERKO lecturer, Mr. Vicky to prepare a rugby field for our competition. We drew the rugby field by ourselves with just a drawing from our lecturer to guide us.

15 May 2010 (Saturday)
The following week, we had our real touch rugby competition and we were evaluated. For this competition, we were divided into four group. There were the green, the blue, the yellow and the red group competing against each other using the league system.

Competition in progress

This touch rugby competition was evaluated by two other lecturers from the Physical Education Department as our lecturer was busy with B.I.G.

After a long and exhausting competition, the team with the most accumulated points won which was the green team, followed by the blue team who tie with the red team, and followed again by the yellow team.

In the afternoon after our rugby competition, we had a Teacher's Day party in our class.

Although only two lecturers, Mdm Hamidah, one of our tutor and the one in the picture; and Puan Sabariah came for the party, we still had fun. We had nice food for our grumbling stomach and a good session of karaoke. Puan Sabariah even sang a song for us. After that, we had the "Truth or Dare" game which we really enjoyed very much.