ramadhan 1433H

assalammualaikum & helloo
we wanted to wish
Happy Fasting
to all Muslims in this world
especially to our classmates
ainura, hafiz, nazrin, intan, wawa & feja

assalammualaikum & good morning..

on 22nd june 2012 our class went to Promosi Kraf 2012 Malaysia which had been held in Kota Kinabalu. we went there for our PSV subject.

we had done a lot of things such as menganyam buluh, mencanting batik & membuat manik. it was our first experience in doing this such things. and we enjoyed it..

wawa & regina were working in mencanting batik

the teslians

teslians were trying to menganyam bakul

our beloved PSV's lecturer
Miss Hafizah